Digital Onboarding
and Employee

Lyncwork streamlines the onboarding process making it quick and easy for employees to access all of the tools they need to be productive.

Frictionless Onboarding

Eliminate delays and
manual intervention.

Personalized for Each User

Enable employees to use the services and products they care about.

Digitally Administered Functions

Simplify, digitize and unify the HR service experience using cloud services.

Engagement and Rewards

Reward employee engagement. Provide communication, collaboration, and contribution capabilities.

Employee Engagement Lifecycle

  • 1. Identification of candidates
  • 2. Interviews
  • 3. Reference/Background check
  • 4. Negotiating compensation
  • 1. HR registration/Payroll/Benefit selection
  • 2. Facilities access
  • 3. IT Hardware, log-in and permissions
  • 4. Introduction to self-service portal
  • 5. Access to services (Slack, Dropbox, Office365, and more)
  • 1. Exit checklist/disable employee accounts
  • 2. Benefits continuation
  • 3. Pension and stock administration
  • 4. Retaining company advocates
  • 1. Usage of self-service portal
  • 2. Discretionary rewards (fitness,
    meals, etc)
  • 3. Collaboration (Slack and Jira)
  • 4. Contribution
  • 5. Organizational charts and performance reviews

About Us

Lyncwork provides a fully digital onboarding and employee engagement experience. We came up with a simple way to access all company and cloud services while making the services manageable from one dashboard and application. Lyncwork’s platform supports flexible role assignment and service delegation which increases employee satisfaction and productivity.

The onboarding process is centralized in Lyncwork and personalized to the users’ needs. Integration is quick and easy, allowing employees and administrators to keep up in a fastpaced workplace.

How it Works


Employee onboarding and management of services is clumsy, silo'ed and labour intensive. Administrators are burdened with time-consuming manual processes, which makes auditing difficult and ineffective.

The Lyncwork Way

Lyncwork simplifies, digitizes and unifies the HR service experience throughout the Employee Lifecycle, from on-boarding to exit, and active employee engagement in between. Like the Marketing departments that work to attract and retain customers, the HR department can improve employee engagement with the Lyncwork HR Suite.


Current Enterprise product solutions were deployed to manage relatively few applications and systems which were historically managed within the enterprise domain (e.g. Active Directory). The same Employee with different and multiple login credentials across different systems.

The Lyncwork Way

Lyncwork enables businesses to offer their employees a single log in to access Active Directory along with multiple systems and applications they need.


Cloud computing has expanded the corporate footprint beyond the internal network, bringing new opportunities to start engaging employees, throughout their employment cycle.

The Lyncwork Way

Lyncwork allows the HR department to take advantage of the cloud computing and offer their employees new digital services through a portal and mobile app. This promotes employee engagement (especially for remote employees) and increases self-service as well as compliance.


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